Journal of Taphonomy. Volume 10. Issue 3-4.2012
Autor: Manuel Domínguez-Rodrigo, Travis Rayne Pickering, Luis Alcalá
Edición: Fundación Conjunto Paleontológico de Teruel-Dinópolis
Caract: Año 2012, 576 p, il, 17 x 24 cms.
ISSN: 1696-0815
J. ROSELL, E. BAQUEDANO, R. BLASO, E. CAMARÓS: New insights on hominid-carnivore interactions during the Pleistocene; M. C. STINER: Competition theory and the case for Pleistocene hominin-carnivore co-evolution; M. DOMÍNGUEZ-RODRIGO, A. O. GIDNA, J. YRAVEDRA, C. MUSIBA: A comparative Neo-taphonomic study of felids, hyaenids and canids: an analogical framework based on long bone modificacion patterns; G. RODRÍGUEZ, A. MATEOS, J. A. MARTÍN-GONZÁLEZ, I. GOIKOETXEA: Food web structure during the European Pleistocene; J. G. ENLOE: Neanderthals, bears and hyenas, oh my! Competition for exclusive use of space; F. FOSSE, N. SELVA, W. SMIETANA, H. OKARMA, A. WAJRAK, J. B. FOURVEL, S. MADELAINE, M. ESTEBAN-NADAL, I. CÁCERES, J. YRAVEDRA, J. P. BRUGAL, A. PRUCCA, G. HAYNES: Bone modification by modern wolf (canis lupus): A taphonomic study from their natural feeding places; J. YRAVEDRA, L. LAGOS, F. BÁRCENA: the wild wolf (canis lupus) as a dispersal agent of animal carcasses in northwestern Spain; J-B. FOURVEL, P. FOSSE, J-F. TOURNEPICHE, E. CREGUT-BONNOURE: consumption of ungulate long bones by Pleistocense Hyaenas: a comparative study; S. VIRANTA, A. GRANDAL D’ANGLADE: Late Pleistocense large mammal Paleocommunities: a COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN LOCALITIES WITH BROWN BEAAR (URSUS ARCTOS), CAVE BEAR (u. SPELAEUS) AND Mousterian Lithic Assemblage; M. PATOU-MATHIS: Interactions Between Neanderthals and carnivores in eastern Europe; E. DISCAMPS, A. DELAGNES, M. LENOIR, J-F. TOURNEPICHE: Human and hyena co-occurrences in Pleistocene sites: Insights from spatial, faunal and lithic analyses at camiac and la Chauverie (SW France); J-B. MALLYE, S. COSTAMAGNO, M. BOUDADI-MALIGNE, A. PRUCCA, V. LAUROULANDIE, C. THIÉBAUT, V. MOURRE: Dhole (cuon alpinus) as a bone accumulator and new taphonomic agent? The case of noisetier cave (French Pyrenees); C. DAUJEARD, D. GERAADS, R. GALLOTTI, A. MOHIB, J-P. RAYNAL: Carcass acquisition and consumption by carnivores and homininis in Meddle Pleistocene sites of Casablanca (Morocco); G. M. SMITH: Hominin-carnivore interaction at the lowe Palaeolithic site of Boxgrove, UK; M. CAPARRÓS, C. BARROSO RUÍZ, A. M. MOIGNE, A. MONCLOVA BOHORQUEZ: Did Neanderthals and carnivores compete for animal nutritional resources in the surroundings of the ceve of Zafarraya?; J. A. CRISPIM, S. FIGUEIREDO, A. MARTÍN SERRA, P. PALMQVIST: The complex carnivore-rich assemblages from Furninha (Peniche, Portugal): a multidisciplinary approach; K. KITAGAWA, P. KRÖNNECH, N. J. CONARD, S. C. MÚNZEL: Exploring cave use and exploitation among cave bears, carnivores and hominins in the Swabian Jura, Germany; J. V. MORALES PÉREZ, A. SANCHIS SERRA, C. REAL MARGALEF, M. PÉREZ RIPOLL, J. E. AURA TORTOSA, V. VILLAVERDE BONILLA: Evidences of interaction Homo-cuon in three Upper Pleistocense sites of the Iberian Mediterranean Cetral Region; M. T. NOHEMI SALA, M. ALGABA, J. L. ARSUAGA, A. ARANBURU, A. PANTOJA: A taphonomic study of the Búho and Zarzamora caves. Hyenas and Humans in the Iberian Plateau (Segovia, Spain) during the Late Pleistocene; M. T. NOHEMI SALA, M. ALGABA, J. L. ARSUAGA, A. ARANBURU, A. PANTOJA: A Taphonomic study of the Búho and Zarzamora caves. Hyenas and humans in the Iberian Plateau (Segovia, Spain) during the late Pleistocene; A. VILLALUENGA, A. ARRIZABALAGA, J. RIOS-GARAIZAR: Multidisciplinary approach to two Chatelperronian series: Lower IX layer of Labeko koba and X level of Ekain (Basque Country, Spail); A. VILLALUENGA, P. CASTAÑOS, A. ARRIZABALAGA, J. A. MUJIKA ALUSTIZA:  Cave Bear (Ursus spelaeus Rosenmüller Heinroth, 1794) and humans during the early upper Pleistocene (Lower and Middle Palaeolithic) in lezetxiki, Lezetxiki II and Astigarragako kobea (Basque country, Spain). Preliminary approach; R. M.  MARTÍNEZ-SÁNCHEZ, J. M. LÓPEZ-GARCÍA, A. ALCALÁ-ORTÍZ, H-A. BLAIN, R. RABAL-GARCÉS, M. D. BRETONES-GARCÍA, J. RODRÍGUEZ-VIDAL, A. MARTÍNEZ-AGUIRRE: Bears and Hyenas from the Latest  Pleistocene of southern iberia: Sima de Abraham, Priego de Córdoba, Andalucía; F. M. MARTIN: Human-carnivore interraction at the end of the Pleistocense in southern Patagonia, Chile.

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