Health and gender: Neighbourhood research for community development
Autor: Marta Gil Lacruz, Ana Isabel Gil Lacruz, Tomás Javier Abadía Sanz
Col: Informes Técnicos
Edición: Mira Editores
Caract: Año 2011, 166 p, il, 17 x 24 cms.
ISBN: 978-84-8465-374-5

Interest in women's health and general living condition has increased in the last two decades. A wide range of informational sources, such as UN reports, scientific papers and statistics from National Health Systems and Government Health Ministries (Rohlfs, 1997; Raju, 2000), have highlighted the vulnerability of women's health and women's access to health care and treatment. This vulnerability becomes more evident in geographical areas characterised by poverty and social exclusion.


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