Journal of Taphonomy. Volumen 7 (Nº 2-3)
Edición: Fundación Conjunto Paleontológico de Teruel-Dinópolis
Editor: Manuel Domínguez-Rodrigo, Travis Rayne Pickering, Luis Alcalá
Caract: Año 2009, 264 p, il, 17 x 24 cms.
ISSN: 1696-0815

J. AGUIRRE: Taphos’08: an introduction to a Special Volume of Journal of Taphonomy; E. ALLUÉ, I. EUBA, A. SOLÉ: Charcoal Taphonomy: The Study of the Cell Structure and Surface Deformations of Pinus sylvestris type for the Understanding of Formation Processes of Archaeological Charcoal Assemblages; D. ARCEREDILLO ALONSO, C. DÍEZ FERNÁNDEZ-LOMANA: Age of Death and Seasonality Based on Ungulate Tooth Remains from the Upper Pleistocene Site of Valdegoba (Burgos, Spain); L. BARTOSIEWICZ: Skind and Bones: Taphonomy of a Medieval Tannery in Hungary; Mª L. BENNÀSAR, I. CÁCERES, G. CUENCA-BESCÓS, J. ROFES: Toothmarks on Micromammal Remains from Level TE9 of Sima del Elefante (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain); J. C. BRAGA, A. CHECA, J. AGUIRRE: The Paradox of Barren Anciente Rocky Shoes in the Western Mediterranean; I. CÁCERES, M. ESTEBAN-NADAL, Mª L. BENNÀSAR, Y. FERNÁNDEZ-JALVO: Disarticulation and Dispersal Processes of Cervid Carcass at the Bosque de Riofrío (Segovia, Spain); E. GÁL: “I hunt chickens, men hunt me.” The Biostratinomy of a Shot Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes L.) – A Case Study; L. LUQUE, L. ALCALÁ, L. MAMPEL, Mª D. PESQUERO, R. ROYO-TORRES, A. COBOS, E. ESPÍLEZ, A. GONZÁLEZ, D. AYALA, A. ABERASTURI, P. MARZO, R. ALLOZA: Mineralogical, Elemental and Chemical Composition of Dinosaur Bones from Teruel (Spain); Ll. LLOVERAS, M. MORENO-GARCÍA, J. NADAL: Butchery, Cooking and Human Consumption Marks on Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Bones: An Experimental Study; P. MAGNIZE: Taphonomy Study of the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Large Mammal Assemblage from Tournal Cave (Bize-Minervois, France); C. I. MONTALVO, P. O. TALLADE: Taphonomy of the Accumulations Produced by Caracara plancus (Falconidae). Analysis of Prey Remains and Pellets; S. VILLALBA-BREVA, C. MARTÍN-CLOSAS: Plant Taphonomy from the Mississippian Flysch Facies of the El Priorat Massif (Catalonia, Spain).


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