The Page Above
Autor: Canizales
Edición: Apila Ediciones
Caract: Año 2021, 36 p, il, 25 x 23 cms.
Ilustrador: Canizales
ISBN: 978-84-17028-57-2
—The flowers! The flowers!
Those of us on the page below have to have everything ready for the lion on the page above.
I’m sick of him!
I don’t know why we put up with him!
Hmm… What if we…?

The lion on the page above is very satisfied with the pleasant life he has there.
On the other hand, the animals on the page below are not so happy.
All of them must attend to the lion’s whims, including carrying his weight as he walks.
What will happen if we turn the book upside down and the page above becomes the page below?
Things are going to change for all the characters.
A very original book with a great sense of humour.
Laughter for little ones, and subtle irony for grown-ups.
Up. Down. A book that encourages you to turn it and play with space.
A simple story that shows us that it is possible to change things; you can even turn them around.
A story that encourages us to put ourselves in other people’s shoes in order to understand them.


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