Tunisian and Libyan Arabic Dialects Common Trends - Recent developments - Diachronic Aspects
Col: Estudios Árabes e Islámicos. Dialectología Árabe (13)
Edición: Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza
Editor: Veronika Ritt-Benmimoun
Caract: Año 2017, 389 p, 15 x 24 cms.
ISBN: 978-84-16933-98-3
In conferences on Arabic dialects many Maghrebinian dialects,  among them the dialects of Libya and Tunisia, are underrpresented, at least in terms of studies based on recent data. Thus wide areas of the Magreb are stuill not linguistically very well covered. Therefore, here in Vienna, we tried to fill some of these lacunae with our international conference called Tinisian and Libyan Arabic Dialects: Common Trends -Recent Developments- Diachronic Aspects that took plave at the University of Vienna in july 2015, the first conference dealing exclusively with the Arabic dialects spoken in Tunisia and Libya

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